Wireless Internet

CalTel offers wireless internet access to our customers who do not live inside our wireline service area. If you live in South Shore Lake Tulloch, Milton, Burson or their surrounding areas we may be able to provide you with internet service. Please note that the service is not available to everyone within these locations. Call us to determine availability of wireless internet at your home. Trees, hills and other large objects between your home and our equipment will affect service availability.

Download/Upload Speed Monthly Price
1.5 Mbps/512 Kbps $49.95
4.0 Mbps/1 Mbps $69.95
6.0 Mbps/2 Mbps $79.95

There is a setup fee of $125.00 Actual speed may vary depending on many factors including, Internet congestion, computer speed, distance from wireless equipment, or many other factors. The actual rates we provide are best achievable and are not guaranteed.